Organic Cotton Pouch Necklace, Grey

This necklace features a sterling silver sturdy cable chain juxtaposed with a delicate hand crocheted drawstring pouch with tiny bead accents along the yarn. This pouch was especially designed to keep anniversary coins close to your heart. However, you can put any kind of special keepsake in this pouch to have near you when you need it most.

The chain is composed of sterling silver. The pouch is made from Pakucho organic cotton yarn that is vegan and fair trade (with GOTS certification). All harvesting and color sorting has been done by hand in Peru. This delicate yarn is doubled for extra durability. If needed please hand wash in cold water and air-dry to save the planet and avoid shrinking. Necklaces are created with 10" sterling silver chains. All pieces are finished with a sparkling Seeking Serenity diamond tag.


Price: $80.00

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