Double Mini Necklace - 14K Gold/Sterling Silver Mixed

This necklace features two small polished discs that overlap, threaded on a delicate sterling silver or 14K gold chain.

One disc represents an ancient spiritual symbol meaning Mind, Body and Spirit together as one.
This disc can also be identified as the AA symbol. The triangle's three points represent Unity, Service, and Recovery, while the circle represents the whole of AA.

The second disc is the Seeking Serenity seedling, which represents growth, development and a connection to the earth. When worn together, the individual discs overlap becoming more discreet and personal to you. They may also be worn individually.

This piece is comprised of sterling silver and/or 14K gold. Each charm is approximately 3/8" in diameter. Necklaces are available with 16" or 18" chains. All pieces are finished with a sparkling Seeking Serenity diamond tag.


Price: $300.00

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