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Seeking Serenity offers spiritually-inspired apparel and jewelry with a focus on personal style as well as personal growth. All products are eco-friendly and carefully crafted, keeping our world in mind, but without sacrificing the inherent luxury of precious stones and metals, quality fabrics and striking artwork.


Vision: Seeking Serenity envisions a peaceful and loving world that can embrace differences, break down boundaries and thrive on the happiness of others

Mission Statement: Help people to find, recognize, appreciate, and celebrate their spiritual journey

Company Values - BLISS

— we will keep all things in perspective and strive for balance in the areas of work/life, profit/philanthropy, creativity/simplicity
  • A portion of all profits will be donated to charitable organizations
  • We work hard while maintaining a meaningful life outside of business
Love & Respect
— we will show respect to one another, our customers, business partners, and the environment by treating the earth and those living upon it with love, kindness and courtesy
  • We support all recovery –we believe that positive change can come from within
  • We visit factory locations outside of the USA when possible to confirm positive working conditions, acceptable wages and non-harmful business practices
— we will constantly search for inventive and original solutions to all challenges and pioneer for creative change
  • We push our vendors to come up with creative solutions to our challenges and we work diligently under the belief that anything is possible
— we will make decisions guided by sustainability principles in the areas of environmental protection economic justice, and universal human rights
  • Our shirt designs use bamboo, organic cotton and water based inks
  • Our jewelry bags are produced using pineapple silk and Manila hemp (relative of the banana plant) by women in developing countries interested in making a sustainable living
— we promote & attract peace within the company and the world, through our words and our actions
  • In 2012, look for Seeking Serenity to provide one-on-one services for those looking for inner serenity or having a little trouble finding it
With our love,
Tonya Bradshaw & Patsy Stundze

The Story of Seeking Serenity

Tonya Bradshaw and Patsy Stundze founded Seeking Serenity in 2009, after both experienced a profound spiritual transformation. Humbled by and extremely grateful for the path that led them forward, they wanted to celebrate this newfound peace and find a way to carry it with them throughout the day. Patsy and Tonya also realized that they were sensitive to the current challenges of the world at large. With the environmental strain on planet resources, widespread negativity and the vast inequalities that exist for people on this earth, they wanted to be part of a solution to the problems we are all facing. After an exhaustive search for stylish clothing designs incorporating spirituality and inspirational messaging was found wanting, the idea of a company catering to style-conscious people, who also appreciate sustainability on many levels, was born.

Seeking Serenity offers products designed for anyone looking for hope. Going through a personal struggle or on the path to recovery; whether from substance abuse, physical illness, depression or violence. The brand’s uniquely inspired line features necklaces, pocket watches, and shirts for both men and women, with each piece designed to be deeply meaningful and personal. All products are eco-friendly without sacrificing the inherent luxury of precious stones and metals, quality fabrics and striking artwork. Top-selling t-shirt, "Un Jour a la Fois" (One Day at a Time) utilizes a ubiquitous message and universal truth for everyone looking to lead a more peaceful life. Seeking Serenity invites you to celebrate your own spiritual journey and join us in fulfilling a dream to share healing, light and Serenity with all those who Seek it.


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