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Seeking Serenity offers spiritual and recovery gifts to those looking to honor the source within every individual that connects with a higher power. All products are earth friendly and carefully crafted with our world in mind. Seeking Serenity invites you to celebrate your own road to recovery and join its founders in fulfilling a dream to share healing, light, and Serenity... to all those who Seek it.


Vision: A peaceful and loving world that can embrace differences, break down boundaries and thrive on the happiness of others

Mission Statement: Help all people to find, recognize, appreciate, and celebrate their spiritual journey


  • Respect - we will show respect to one another, customers, business partners, and the environment by treating the earth and those living upon it with kindness and courtesy
  • Sustainability - we will make decisions guided by sustainability principles in the areas of environment, economic justice, and universal human rights
  • Serenity - to promote peace within the company and with the outside world through our actions
  • Balance - we will keep all things in perspective and strive for balance in the areas of work/life, profit/philanthropy, creativity/simplicity
  • Innovation - we will constantly search for innovative solutions to all challenges big and small

The Story of Seeking Serenity

In the autumn of 2005 we met for the first time outside a church on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This was a time of turbulent uncertainty for us both. We were perhaps the furthest we had ever been from the notion of serenity. But on that fateful day, we each began a very personal journey that would test our hearts and ultimately open us up to a kind of freedom we had never known.

In 2008, after having lived in separate corners of the world, we reunited in New York. A little bit stronger and a little bit wiser than before, we were humbled by the path we had traveled and deeply grateful for the way our lives had unfolded. We wanted to find a way to share the gifts of spirituality and peace we had worked so hard to obtain. After many discussions we felt we had no choice but to try and make this dream a reality. Shortly thereafter, Seeking Serenity was born.

Seeking Serenity offers beautifully-designed and sustainable apparel and accessories that address the need for spirituality and style. Just launched, the company is still taking shape but is already affecting lives in a positive way. We are inspired by the mission of Seeking Serenity every day.

Tonya Bradshaw & Patsy Stundze (signatures to come)
August 15, 2010


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